5. 1800 Honey Fingers

Campaign: ‘Polination’ 
Client: Pipapipó Gelateria
Campiagn Photography: Phebe Schmidt                                                       

Director: Charlie Ward, Magnetizer TV
Art Direction and styling: PSP and Elle Ross
Graphic Design: PSP

Strategy: 'Pollination' was a campaign in partnership with Honey Fingers for Pidapipó Gelateria. Practise Studio Practise worked to create a integrated campaign which not only celebrated the new flavour range but also helped feed the urbanbee population. Alongside Honey Fingers, PSP developed and designed the packets  for ‘bee friendly seeds’ to be given to each gelato purchase. To support the campaign we created an infomercial with Nona Ione to explain the importance of helping the city bees.

Key Press:  
‘Pidapipó x Honey Fingers’ - Smudge Eats 
‘Pidapipó Pop Up at 3000acres Jewell Station Garden’ - Open Journal 
‘Pidapipo and The Hive Next Door’ - Broadsheet