Elle Ross

Photography —
  1. Vogue Living
  2. Sugar Prawn
  3. Hard and Soft
  4. An Ode to MP
  5. Luis Barragán   
  6. Present Adolescent 
  7. Common’ Vogue 
  8. Girls
  9. Boys
  10. L.A Girl 

Curation &
Art direction
  1. LON Gallery
  2. Prasizzler
  3. Spiritual Nutrition
  4. Asics 
  5. 1800 Honey Fingers 
  6. Private Residence 

Interiors —
  1. Scanlan Theodore
  2. Luna Park
  3. Diner


3. Hard and soft

Hard and Soft was a formitive experinece for me, it meant leaving my home of 23 years. These pictures are of my time living in New York, and travellling the states surrounding. Each picture depicts an aspect of something or someone that is tough, but squishy. 

This was on-going theme that I explored, purposefully and accidentally through images. The juxtaposition of hard and soft in each picture is something I really struggled with... Each object or person photographed has a story, and for me these are stories of wealth, ego, insecurities, innocence, pain and kindess. America by defintion is hard, yet soft (to me) and I wanted to try and convey these conflicting perceptions and multifaceted emotions.