10. L.A Girl

I haven’t always liked Los Angeles. I despised it at first. I would spend hours bitching to like minded New Yorkers, whomst like me, had a general disdain for the place. I complained that nothing was real, everyone was fake and that it was a barron wasteland that lacked true grit. 
But after a gloomy winter spent in a rat infested 5 floor walk up in Brooklyn, I was starting to look forward to my stint in Los Angeles. I arrived and found a new sense of freedom — Blue skies, big signs, cinematic freeways and untouched retro diners. I came to love the strange severity of the place, the flat ness of it all. How everything always felt a bit not quite right, a bit ‘skewiff’ and dated. Since that formative trip I have been back every year — photographing the strange and wonderful idiosyncracities of L.A