Elle Ross

Photography —
  1. Vogue Living
  2. Sugar Prawn
  3. Hard and Soft
  4. An Ode to MP
  5. Luis Barragán   
  6. Present Adolescent 
  7. Common’ Vogue 
  8. Girls
  9. Boys
  10. L.A Girl 

Curation &
Art direction
  1. LON Gallery
  2. Prasizzler
  3. Spiritual Nutrition
  4. Asics 
  5. 1800 Honey Fingers 
  6. Private Residence 

Interiors —
  1. Scanlan Theodore
  2. Luna Park
  3. Diner


4. Vogue Living, Australia 

Vogue Living (February 2018)
Rachael Fry shares her travel diary from
Palm Springs Modernism Week

Rachael Fry, owner of Criteria Collection—Melbourne’s coolest designer furniture store—has shared her photo diary of Modernism Week in Palm Springs. Growing up in the desert Californian city and having an expert eye for design, Fry has tracked down the must-visit places for every nook of the architecturally-significant city. Photographed on film by Elle Ross for Vogue Living.